Neighborhood House

Intergenerational Music-Making at Neighborhood House

Music possesses a unique ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds, transcending differences in race, socioeconomic status, language, and age, even when age gaps span decades! In partnership with Neighborhood House, Mundi Project hosts an intergenerational music-making program that brings together preschool-aged children (kidfriends) and older adults (grandfriends) with the goal of fostering connections among participants through engaging group music activities.

Led by a board-certified music therapist, the kidfriends and grandfriends take part in a variety of accessible musical activities, including singing, dancing, and even songwriting. These activities are thoughtfully tailored to cater to the unique needs and interests of all participants. The program aims to facilitate interaction and connections between these different age groups, forging intergenerational bonds through the transformative power of music.

What is intergenerational learning?

Not sure what intergenerational learning is or why it is important? Listen to former Mundi Project Executive Director Ruby Chou speak at TEDxSaltLakeCity about what intergenerational learning looks like, how it impacted her path, and how Mundi Project is bringing the valuable concept to the community.