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“Sometimes, I don’t have words for what I am feeling, but I do have the piano

Young children joyfully playing a piano.

Piano Bank is committed to ensuring access to quality pianos in our community. We find new homes for these instruments, bringing the joy of music to families and communities in need. Pianos are placed based on need, not on applicants’ ability to pay.


Applying for a piano is a breeze. Just take a moment to complete the application (you may want to download the written questions here!), and a friendly staff member will promptly reach out to you for a brief interview. This interview helps us understand your specific needs, allowing us to match you with the perfect piano. Piano Bank program fees (moving & tuning) are affordable with fee waivers available for those who need them. Once approved, we will coordinate with Barrus Pianos to schedule a delivery date, bringing the joy of a new piano right to your doorstep! Note: We are only able to serve Utah residents at this time.

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Your piano holds the power to infuse families and communities in need with the uplifting power of music. The first step is to complete the application. Our team of expert piano specialists will appraise your instrument, and get it ready to embark on a journey of bringing a lifetime of melodies to a deserving family or community in need. Our trusted partners at Barrus Pianos make the moving process effortless and stress-free, guaranteeing the safe delivery of your piano to its new home. Mundi Project is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, making your donation potentially tax-deductible. Note: We are only able to accept pianos located in Utah at this time. We do not accept organs or player pianos.

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