Sostenuto: to sustain or support a musical phrase or idea.

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Mundi Sostenuto is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly towards supporting access to music. When you join Mundi Sostenuto, you’re not just making a donation. You are strengthening and sustaining a dedicated community of learners, educators, and performers that believe music is for everyone.



Study after study has shown that music is an intrinsic part of being human. Active music making improves mental health and well-being, increases memory retention, improves heart health and blood pressure, and even reduces chronic pain. However, many Utah neighborhoods have lost access to music due to funding cuts across the arts and culture sectors. Mundi Project is committed to restoring access to quality music experiences, but it’s only possible with your support.

Your recurring support ensures Mundi Project can provide music programs to Utah communities throughout the entire year, overseen by the best teaching artists, music therapists, and performers Utah has to offer. Our programs break down generational and socioeconomic barriers by prioritizing equity, accessibility, community building, and lifetime learning.


By becoming a recurring Sostenuto Member you are:

  • Providing a scholarship for one or more Harmony Hub learners

  • Sponsoring the long term care, placement and maintenance of donated pianos

  • Bringing unique music and cultural experiences to Utah students, seniors, and community spaces

  • Providing a living wage to music teachers, therapists, and performers

  • Growing the reach, scale, and impact of Mundi Project programs

As a recurring Sostenuto Member you get:

  •  2 Season Tickets to the 2024 Sostenuto Concert Series (More info coming soon!)

  • Mundi Project Swag Bag

  • Your name and donation level displayed on Mundi Project’s website and annual report (anonymous donations will not be displayed)

  • Exclusive stories highlighting the impact of your donation

Not ready to become a member? Consider a one-time donation to support access to music in your community.

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