Mission and Values of Mundi Project
Mundi Project actively breaks down socioeconomic and generational barriers by providing quality music experiences for all.


Mundi Project is committed to creating access to music across the state of Utah. High-quality instruments, engaging education opportunities, and unique music events & workshops are used as a conduit for creating societal change. We provide music opportunities that bridge socioeconomic and generational barriers, and seek to empower our participants to find their voices and gain confidence as they work with others learning instruments and performing.

Our Values

Empathy, Connection, & Inclusion

  • Learning music with others increases confidence and decreases loneliness
  • Combining ages and socioeconomic groups in musical learning promotes empathy

    Lifelong Learning & Transferability

    • Embracing the musical learning process over the product
    • Experiential learning at every stage of musical engagement

    Advocacy & Impact

    • The belief that access to music education, performance, and instruments is a basic human right, not simply a privilege
    • The reality that regular involvement in music can have a long-lasting, positive impact on childhood development and healthy aging


    Mundi Project (named after the philosophy “harmonices mundi” or “harmony of the spheres”) was founded in 2006 by Hana Janatova to enrich the lives of our community through the Piano Bank program, providing high quality instruments to Utah residents. It quickly became apparent there was a need for community performance opportunities and music education, and Mundi Project created new avenues for people to interact with music.

    Taking over as Mundi Project’s second Executive Director in 2018, Ruby Chou brought with her an ambitious overhaul of Mundi Project’s focus and branding. With expanded access to community music classes, updated music curriculum, a new Intergenerational Music Program at Neighborhood House, and a complete redesign of Mundi Project’s logo and branding, Ruby helped grow Mundi Project into a sustainable and influential organization in Salt Lake City.

    Since November 2022, Cody Goetz has led as Mundi Project’s Executive Director. Cody seeks to bolster Mundi Project’s presence throughout Utah. He seeks to enhance the quality of life of all Mundi Project participants by co-creating opportunities with our community partners for expanded program access in music education and performance. As an educator, he places an emphasis on discovering student artistry through process-based development of pianistic excellence and creating community through music.