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For Roxie Lewis, 16, a baby grand piano donated by the Mundi Project helped her to progress to the next level in her quest to master Rachmaninoff, she said. She hopes to become a concert pianist someday. “I love how music and playing music makes me feel, and I love being able to express myself through the piano,” said Roxie, who lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah. “Sometimes, I don’t have words for what I am feeling, but I do have the piano,” she said. [Continue Reading]


Through Mundi Project’s Piano Bank, we provide donated used pianos to families, individuals, and public organizations for the sake of music making and learning. The process begins by starting our application! 

Once an applicant passes the initial screening, we will schedule a Zoom interview to hear more about how a piano will benefit your life or impact the communities you serve. Based on the application and interview, applicants will be accepted or declined. Accepted applicants may be responsible for a Piano Bank Pay-What-You-Can program fee. Please see the application for more details. The fee helps Piano Bank be sustainable and accessible to the community by covering a portion of the program costs. Piano Bank recipients will be asked to provide photos, videos, and/or a short thank-you note demonstrating how the piano has impacted their lives. Please Note: you must be a resident or a public space within the state of Utah to apply. We are unfortunately unable to serve those outside of the state at this time due to organizational capacity.

It’s that simple! At any point during the process, you can ask general questions and concerns to the Mundi Project Executive Director, Cody Goetz. He may be reached at the office: 801.487.8594 or via email: cgoetz@mundiproject.org

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application!


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