We actively break down socio-economic and generational barriers by providing quality music experiences for all.


We’re the Mundi Project.

We’re focused on the piano, but not limited to the instrument. We are unique in the Salt Lake area, both in the services we provide and in our strong commitment to multidisciplinary arts outreach through concerts and workshops. We operate several programs including Piano Bank, Mundi Live, and Harmony Hub.


Our focus is on — but not limited to — the piano. We are unique, both in the services we provide through the Piano Bank and in our strong commitment to multidisciplinary arts outreach through concerts, education, and workshops.

Piano Bank

We donate, repair, and tune pianos for individual families and public spaces that do not have the financial means to obtain a piano.

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Mundi Live

Our Mundi Live concerts introduce diverse audiences to classical piano literature through multi-media and multi-disciplinary formats.

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Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub is a piano lab, music classroom, workshop, and a recording studio designed to provide free education to low-income populations.

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Mundi by the numbers.

Our Piano Bank program has placed 215 instruments valued at over $342,000 in private homes and public spaces. Since 2007, Mundi Live has presented 3 different concert series, 22 multidisciplinary concerts for the general public, 28 educational outreach concerts, a 3-week intensive multidisciplinary workshop, and 3 piano monster concerts for Salt Lake School District students and the general public. In 2015, Harmony Hub opened to provide group piano instruction for the community. Harmony Hub now also offers group classical guitar instruction.

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