I have been a Mundi Ambassador for The Mundi Project for several years, and it has been a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to perform in various places and meet lots of talented pianists. I am very impressed by The Mundi Project’s goals and ideas. I especially admire the Piano Bank program, which donates pianos to help spread the joy of music to more people, and I am very proud to have been a part of this meaningful cause. I look forward to more wonderful performances with The Mundi Project in the future!” ~ Tiffany Xu, Ambassador since 2012

“She may not like to practice, but she enjoys the accomplishments. We always have music in the home now- everyday. It is an inspiration to see the child of a single mom have such fortune in her life. I believe this experience will help her influence children that anything is possible, that hard work and practice will pay off. It has opened up many possibilities for her future.” ~ Erika Tedder, mother of Piano Bank recipient

“Mundi Project has been a tremendous experience for Daniel. Not only was he able to improve his piano performing skills through various stages, but also the community spirit and the dedication to serve others were deeply ingrained into his music career, which has made him a better musician as well as a better human being.” ~ Daniel’s Father

“We recently had our career and college planning conference for Hannah and were told that because of the consecutive years of music lessons she has had, the multitude of instruments she plays in the band and her GPA she will be an almost sure candidate for scholarships to college.” ~ Amy, mother of Piano Bank Recipient

“From a parent’s perspective, I witness the remarkable growth of our kid serving as a Mundi Ambassador. The wonderful experience these young ambassadors have and will have gained will prepare them for a more beautiful and successful future.” ~ Gary Wang, Father of Ambassador Junhao Wang