Adriana Soto Callahan


Adriana Soto Callahan is originally from Lima, Perú. She moved to Utah in 2013. Her passion for music and helping others brought her to Mundi Project in 2018.

She did her undergraduate program in Lima. Her major is Hospitality Management. She completed her Masters in Business Administration – MBA at Westminster College December of 2018.

She had the opportunity to travel abroad to Perú, Argentina and Chile to recruit which is what made her realize her passion for Recruiting, Training and Human Resources. Adriana is the office trainer, recruiter, and manager for Snow Country Limousine and plans one day to open her own staffing consulting company. Adriana is married with a beautiful newborn, Olivia Jean!

She is fluent in 4 languages, Portuguese, Italian, English, and Spanish. Adriana has been involved in music ever since she was a little girl. She played the flute, panpipe or pan flute and guitar. She also loves to sing.