Aditya Suresh, age 11, has been extremely interested in playing the piano since the age of 5. “When I started piano, I felt a sensation that I never would with any other instrument.”

After 6 years of studying piano, Aditya is passionate about sharing his love for the instrument, teaching others, and helping people express their feelings through music. He currently studies piano with Hana Janatova.

Aditya also loves movies, art, and computer programming. His dream job beyond music is to become an animator at Pixar.

Aditya completed 18 hours of service for the Mundi Project, not only by sharing his amazing talent and love of music through performing whenever he had the chance, but also by mentoring low-income beginning piano students.

He participated in the IMPULSE Festival, as well as several outreach performances for the elderly and other isolated communities throughout the Salt Lake Valley. His service has positively impacted those individuals at Neighborhood House and Heart and Soul, which in turn has helped cultivate our community partnerships and expand the reach of our mission.

Young mentors are extremely effective in inspiring beginning youth pianists through our Harmony Hub program and his commitment has helped several children at Glendale Library, Sorenson Unity Center, and Riley Elementary learn piano language, concepts, and short songs.

Music has been shown to help the development of children in other areas of their studies such as math, reading comprehension, and science. Our Harmony Hub classes are in a group setting which also helps kids develop a sense of team work and community through the encouragement they get from their peers as they take on a difficult instrument like the piano together. This dedication and patience for kids his own age and younger is what makes our organization work as we continue to provide musical education and performances for those who don’t have the means or the opportunities.

(describe the nominee’s community service activities & demonstrate how those activities address the community’s serious social problems. Include information on how this volunteer has made an ongoing, sustained impact in your organization.)

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