As a part of Mundi Project’s “Music Engagement from Home” initiative, we are proud to offer half-hour Zoom webinars on select Fridays! Please fill out your name and email for each webinar that you are interested in attending. When you submit the registration form, you will be emailed with the Zoom Meeting ID and password for each webinar you are interested in. We look forward to your participation!

Yes! You Can Learn Music as an Adult!

Friday, September 25, 2020 6:30-7:15pm

Learning a new musical instrument as an adult can be a life fulfilling hobby as well as a new challenge. Engage with a panel of three adult learners moderated by Dr. Ruby Chou as they discuss their musical journey!
  • Mark Berge has lived in Boulder, CO off and on since 1971. He was a professional clarinet player for 20 years, but had to give it up due to a movement disorder in his jow. He was a piano minor in college and has greatly enjoyed returning to that instrument after many years.
  • Katie Skayhan
  • Heather K. Smith, NCTM maintains a multi-faceted career as a music educator, administrator, adjudicator, and community arts advocate. She is a US Representative and member of the College of Examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music.
This webinar is part of our FREE Food for {Musical} Thought series.

Explore the voices of Latin American piano music with our community coordinator, Cody Goetz, and expert of Latin American piano music, Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi. We invite you to explore this treasure trove of rarely heard and performed music with us, and learn how to find it!

Our associate director (an award-winning songwriter) Mindy Dillard and guest songwriter Amanda West leads participants through the process of creating a song to celebrate a child in your life. All caregivers are welcome!

Grab your favorite small candy (Skittles, M&Ms, Kisses) to explore how music reading works! Experience WHY it is worth learning how to read music and understand music theory plus the relationship between the grand staff and keyboard.