Join Mundi Project’s Associate Director Mindy Dillard throughout October on Wednesdays at 4PM MT for a drop-in Zoom ukulele class!

No experience necessary.

Bring your ukulele or attend for future inspiration if you don’t have a uke!

October 14th

12-Bar Blues on the Uke!

Yes! The 12-bar blues! It’s one of the most prominent chord progressions in popular music. Learn some bluesy uke riffs and an easy blues song or two.

October 21st

Protest Songs on the Uke!

What is a protest song?

Learn a few of our associate director Mindy Dillard’s favorites and a little bit of the history of this time honored musical genre which accompanies social movements and brings people together.

October 28th

Spooky Folk on the Uke!

Boo! Learn chords for The Monster Mash and The House of the Rising Sun so you can impress all your friends with your spooky repertoire at Halloween.

English Español