2022: As part of Mundi Project’s mission to increase access to music for underserved communities in Utah, we partnered with Encircle to bring music therapist Berlin Edwards to the Encircle SLC home to host a weekly music night. Music Night at Encircle gives LGBTQ+ teens a place to express themselves and thrive within an inclusive and supportive community. Read more about Encircle and Berlin below!

Encircle Salt Lake City House

Encircle Salt Lake City Address

Past Music Night Facilitators

Berlin Edwards, MT-BC

Berlin Edwards, MT-BC

Music Night Facilitator, 2021-2022

Berlin Edwards is a board certified music therapist who is passionate about empowering others through music. He has worked with a variety of populations including: adolescence in a juvenile detention center, older adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia, preschoolers with special needs, young adults with developmental disabilities, and terminally ill patients on hospice care.

Education: Master of Music in Music Therapy from Illinois State University, Master of Music in Jazz Performance from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Bachelor of Art in Musical Theatre from Weber State University.