Antonio Andrade Duo



“With a single guitar, one can reach the heaven, with two You can reach the universe.”



With his traditional and very personal style of playing his guitar, Antonio Andrade reaches his audiences where Flamenco sits, directly in their hearts.

In his long worldwide career as a successful flamenco-guitar-player, Antonio Andrade produced countless flamenco productions mainly for dancing. With the Antonio Andrade Duo, he presents a great diversity of flamenco guitar and shows their intonation in all its incomparable beauty. Inviting several other guitar artists to his “Antonio Andrade Duo” project, he creates a special two-tone sound out of his own repertoire, as well as out of parts of the great creations of Paco de Lucia and Sabicas.

Audiences will feel the incredible summer heat of Andalucia, will walk through the alleys of its beautiful white villages, will feel the pain and the joy of its native people, who have created this incomparable kind of music and culture through the centuries out of their very own expression of life.

In partnership with Utah Classical Guitar

Antonio Andrade Duo
February 23, 2018 | 7:30 PM |
Eccles Theater: Regent Street Black Box