Need a Piano? Public Spaces

Program Overview

The Mundi Project places donated pianos with public organizations, providing young people and the general public greater access to these instruments for the sake of education and performance opportunities in congruence with Mundi Project’s overall mission– actively break down socio-economic and generational barriers by providing quality music experiences for all. The process begins by completing the following application. Once received, the Piano Bank Committee and Mundi Project Community Coordinator will review application material on a rolling basis and determine eligibility. The unique needs of each applicant organization are considered and determinations are made as instruments become available for placement. Every attempt is made to ensure that each piano is placed where it can be utilized most effectively.

Once an applicant passes the initial screening, the Community Coordinator and a member of the Committee will schedule an in-person or Skype visit with the organization to help determine the best instrument location within the facility, share best practices with respect to piano maintenance, and discuss post-placement tasks related to the piano.

Based on the final review of the application and visit, applicants will either be accepted or denied. If accepted, Mundi Project will send a Piano Bank Public Space Agreement for the organization to complete and return.

Once a piano is placed, the organization assumes ownership of the instrument and is fully responsible for its maintenance. Organizations must commit to Donor Acknowledgment and Piano Usage Annual Reporting as outlined in the agreement.

Online Application Instructions

This application is intended for public spaces seeking a piano placement at their location. It is divided into four sections:

1) Organization Information

2) Arts Programming

3) Organization Demographics

4) Supporting Documents

The Organization Information section requests details regarding the type of organization, a designated primary contact person, the annual operating budget range, and various contact information. The second section asks organizations to describe their ongoing Arts Programming as well as anticipated programming if provided with a piano.

The Organization Demographics collects data that is used exclusively for statistical reporting to national and regional foundations that support the Mundi Project as well as internal program evaluation. We do not share information disclosed to us in this application with any individuals or organizations.

The final Supporting Documents section requests organizations to upload a previous annual report. While schools do not have to provide supporting documents, Mundi Project will evaluate their current Utah School Report Card.

General Questions and Concerns

At any point during the process, applicants are welcome to direct general questions and concerns to the Mundi Project Community Coordinator, Cody Goetz. He may be reached at the office: 801.487.8594 or via email:

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application!