Donate a Piano

We will place your piano in a home in need or public spaces in underserved communities throughout Utah. We accept pianos located in Utah including spinets, consoles, uprights, baby grands, and grands (excluding player pianos and organs). Donated pianos need to be in working, but not necessarily perfect condition– pianos are accepted on a case by case basis. We also appreciate donations of working digital pianos (full-size keyboard with 88 keys) for our Harmony Hub classrooms!


  1. Fill out the donation form– please contact our Community Coordinator at or 801-487-8594 (Mundi Project office) with questions.
  2. Our Community Coordinator will contact you with further questions and details regarding the appraisal appointment with a piano technician.
  3. Once the piano is appraised and meets the Piano Bank criteria, we will arrange for your piano to be delivered to a new loving home! You will receive a tax letter with the appraised value from Mundi Project, a 501(c)(3) organization.
  4. Mundi Project reserves the right to utilize piano donations in ways that best serve our mission and programming for the community.

Donation Form

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to process your potential donation.