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Program Overview

The Mundi Project provides donated, used pianos to families and individuals who would not otherwise have access to quality, acoustic instruments. The process begins by completing the following application. Once received, the Piano Bank Committee and Mundi Project Community Coordinator will review applications on a rolling basis to determine preliminary eligibility.

Once an applicant passes the initial screening, the Community Coordinator and a member of the Committee will schedule an in-person or Skype interview with the Applicant and Learner to hear more about how a piano will benefit their lives. Additionally, with the help of the Coordinator and Committee member, an initial Plan-of-Action for consistent musical engagement and learning will be created by the Applicant and Learner.

Based on the application, interview, and the Plan-of-Action, applicants will either be accepted and connected with an instrument or denied and given an explanation of the decision. If accepted and connected with an instrument, Mundi Project will cover the cost of the instrument being moved into the home and its first tuning. Applicants will be asked to provide photos, videos, and a short thank-you note demonstrating how the piano has impacted their lives.

Online Application Instructions

This application is intended for families and individuals seeking a piano placement in their homes. It is divided into four sections:

1) Applicant/Learner Information

2) Written Questions

3) Financial Information Self-Disclosure

4) Reference

At any point during the process, applicants are welcome to direct general questions and concerns to the Mundi Project Community Coordinator, Cody Goetz. He may be reached at the office: 801.487.8594 or vial email:

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application!

Individual & Family Application