Need a Piano: Families

The Mundi Project provides donated, used pianos to families who would not otherwise have access to them. Our Piano Bank Committee reviews all applications quarterly (in January, April, July, October).
We encourage any individuals or families meeting our eligibility requirements to submit an application.

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Harmony Hub Classes

Welcome to the Harmony Hub, our education arm!

Located at the Sorensen Multi-Cultural Center and Sorenson Unity Center. Harmony Hubs are piano / music classrooms, designed to provide free music education to low-income populations in the Salt Lake area.

Harmony Hubs are dedicated, safe environments where youth and families can explore music and the arts through a variety of expert-led piano and music education activities, all of which promote the holistic development of each individual. Classes are led by professional teachers and offer students a blend of current technology and traditional teaching methods.


JUNE 7, 2018 – JULY 28, 2018

Youth Group Piano Class 1 ( Ages 8-12)
Youth Group Piano Class 2 (Ages 13+)
Adult Piano Lab

Youth Classical Guitar Class (Ages 6-17)
Youth Classical Guitar Orchestra (Ages 6 – 17)
Classical Guitar Class (Ages 18+)

Become a Mundi Ambassador

Mundi Ambassadors share their love of music and introduce diverse audiences to the world of piano with performances throughout the community.  Opportunities include performance at Mundi Live concerts and community outreach events, as well as mentorships to low-income beginning piano students.

We are now accepting new Ambassadors applicants for the 2018-2019 season.  Pianists and instrumentalists of all ages and playing ability are welcome to apply. The application deadline is August 31, 2018. Continue reading Become a Mundi Ambassador

Mentor or Volunteer

The Mundi Project is a grassroots organization. As we are a small organization, we need your support to help us achieve our mission. Everything you do for Mundi Project makes a difference and helps more children achieve their music dreams. Continue reading Mentor or Volunteer