The 3D Printed 6-String Violin Experience

It was no small feat for the Mundi Project to organize a fascinating artistic residency as a compelling example of the STEAM integration of music, technology and art, complete with a performance featuring a 3-D printed six-string violin. –Les Roka of The Utah Review (Continue reading here!) Mundi Project welcomed guest artists Sean Riley and Farshad Zadeh from … Continue reading The 3D Printed 6-String Violin Experience

Announcing Pathways: a new music outreach experience!

Mundi Project, Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation, and Utah Music Teachers Association are proud to present Pathways, a new music outreach experience for young musicians and young professionals in Utah. The intention of Pathways is to foster experiences emulating career musicians who give back to the community through performances. For young professionals (“Panelists”), Pathways offers … Continue reading Announcing Pathways: a new music outreach experience!

2019 Nonprofit Day on the Hill

Blog post by Mundi Project Board President, Christina Coonradt Last week Mundi Executive Director Dr. Ruby Chou and I were proud to represent Mundi Project at the Utah State Capitol for the 11th Annual Nonprofit Day on the Hill. This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to advocate for our organization to our local … Continue reading 2019 Nonprofit Day on the Hill

New Executive Director, New Chapter

MESSAGE FROM HANA JANATOVA, FOUNDER OF MUNDI PROJECT After a three-month process, it is my pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors has selected Dr. Ruby Chou as the new Executive Director to lead Mundi Project into its next chapter. Dr. Chou comes to the Mundi Project with a strong commitment to uphold and guide the … Continue reading New Executive Director, New Chapter

Mundi Live: Variations

Variations 2015 Musical harmony, melody, and rhythm come from mathematics, dating to antiquity and the discovery that notes sounded together on a stringed instrument are most pleasing when the string lengths are simple ratios of each other. The musical language supports mathematical patterns through harmonic patterns, melodic motives, and rhythm.  Harmonic series show up in … Continue reading Mundi Live: Variations