Lezlee Bishop

Lezlee Johnsen Bishop, is a nationally certified and independent music teacher of Salt Lake City, with a degree in Piano Pedagogy from Utah State University. Lezlee has served in the Utah Music Teacher’s Association (UMTA) as a local chapter president, state conference chair and state president (2000 – 2002).

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Danielle Dallas

Danielle Reist Dallas is excited about merging her loves of music and law through her service to the Mundi Project. She earned a J.D. in 2007, following which she worked as Development Director for a small nonprofit and then as a prosecutor. A full-time+ mother to 3 enchanting children, Danielle’s current law practice focuses on advising small businesses.

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Hana Janatova

Hana Janatova is the founder and has served as the artistic director and Executive Director of Mundi Project. As the visionary behind the creation of the organization with the other founding members in 2006, she specifically worked on board and program development, fundraising, grantwriting, and community and educational outreach.

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