Baby Grand for East High School

On September 14, Mundi Project staff paid a visit to East High School piano program to make some minor repairs to the damper pedal on their new piano placement and to see the advanced piano class in action. This summer we received the generous donation of a Suzuki Baby Grand, which now serves 176 students through the Youth Enrichment Foundation’s piano programs at East High. Students’ ethnic backgrounds are extremely diverse, and the majority of YEF’s piano students face significant social or economic challenges including low-income households, witnessing crime/use of drugs, ESL and learning/behavioral disabilities.

YEF has consistently grown and expanded over the years – just this year, East High doubled their piano program, adding a second room, which is why they were in need of a second good piano. Both East High and Glendale Middle School already have waiting lists of students who would like to be in the piano program next year.

Congrats to the Youth Enrichment Foundation and many thanks to the piano donor who’s generous donation has helped to support music education in our community! #pianobank #artsedweek

Ambassador: Junhao Wang

Junhao Wang (2013-2015)

Junhao Wang, a freshman at the Hillcrest High School, studies piano with Dr. Jie Lu and Dr. Ning Lu. Over the past three years he has won many solo and concerto piano competition awards. His most recent remarkable experiences are his participation in the 2015 Cleveland International Piano Competition Young Artists’ Competition and his presentation on the Young Concert Platform at the 7th World Piano Conference in Serbia. His major accomplishments include first place in the UMTA Piano Concerto Competitions (2013 and 2015), first and second in the Utah International Piano Academy and Helen Taylor Johannesen International Piano Competitions (2013 and 2015), first in Solo (2014 and 2015) and Concerto (2012 and 2014) during the Summer Arts Piano Competition at the University of Utah, alternate in the 2014 MTNA Utah State Competition, was chosen as one of six finalists during the 2013 Seattle International Piano Competition, and first in the 2013 American Fine Arts Festival Concerto Competition. Junhao performed at Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall in 2013 and played with the Salt Lake Symphony in 2012 and the American West Symphony of Sandy in 2015. Since 2012, Junhao has been a Piano Ambassador of the Mundi Project.

Piano Bank: Cesar (2015)

Cesar (2015) – Cable Console

11 year old Cesar has been practicing for the past 2 and a half years and is excited to have a new piano in his home. “This piano inspires me to try as hard as I possibly can,” he says. Besides playing piano, Cesar also likes percussion, science, and cooking. Congrats Cesar, and good luck with your creative endeavors and continuing with your practice!


Mundi Live: Variations

Variations 2015

Musical harmony, melody, and rhythm come from mathematics, dating to antiquity and the discovery that notes sounded together on a stringed instrument are most pleasing when the string lengths are simple ratios of each other. The musical language supports mathematical patterns through harmonic patterns, melodic motives, and rhythm.  Harmonic series show up in many areas of applied mathematics. In light of the recent emphasis placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for our youth, Connections presented a unique opportunity for students, and the public, to experience STEM concepts in a fun and artistic way.

Workshop Sites: Neighborhood House, Glendale Community Learning Center After-school, and University Neighborhood Partners (UNP) Hartland

Photography Credit: Misky Merino


Salt Lake Center for Science Ed.

Piano Bank: Salt Lake Center for Science Education (2015)

Excited students and their choir accompanist, Jan Hope, at the Salt Lake Center for Science Education, a charter school in Rose Park for grades 6-12. The school just received a Knabe piano from the Piano Bank and they are looking forward to using it for their many cultural events throughout the year, including choir concerts, talent shows, and dramatic productions.

“Though we are a science focus school, we believe that creativity through the arts prepares students for a better life, cooperative endeavors, a well-balanced education, and helps develop their ‘whole’ person, ” says their choir instructor, Machelle Dahl. We couldn’t agree more!

Salt Lake Center for Science Education (2015) – Knabe Baby Grand