The 3D Printed 6-String Violin Experience

It was no small feat for the Mundi Project to organize a fascinating artistic residency as a compelling example of the STEAM integration of music, technology and art, complete with a performance featuring a 3-D printed six-string violin.

–Les Roka of The Utah Review (Continue reading here!)

Mundi Project welcomed guest artists Sean Riley and Farshad Zadeh from Austin, TX to Salt Lake City on October 4-5, 2019. Riley and Zadeh presented a workshop at Bountiful Davis Arts Center, a masterclass for young musicians of the University of Utah School of Music Preparatory Division, and a concert at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. What a stunning weekend of events!

What was your reaction upon hearing Sean Riley perform on his 3D printed 6-string violin with pianist Farshad Zadeh?

  • “Awe.”
  • “I loved it. I spent two years learning the violin, then changed to the cello. A violin that can do cello range is amazing! And Sean really brings whatever piece he is playing to life!”
  • “It’s great to see how people are pushing classical music into new spaces and with new tools. There are not as many opportunities in Utah to see things like this, and I really appreciated getting the chance to see this project in person!”
  • “I thought was amazing how innovative this instrument was and that Sean was able to create such exciting music with it.”
  • “It was pretty amazing. Never seen anything like it.”

  • “I thought is was very interesting and a few of the pieces he played really caught my attention; however, I am a traditionalist and I really much preferred his favorite piece of all that he played on his 1780’s violin the best.”

Farshad was professional, gentle, yet directive.  He had a focused goal in mind to help Lydia improve the shape of her musical message.  The best part of the learning was for Lydia to observe his recommendations to the older students – when Lydia got home, she started practicing with more feeling.  She’s still at the stage of trying to master the technique and notes, so it was a good experience for her to learn the musicianship behind the notes.

–Diane, parent of masterclass participant

This guest artist residency was made possible thanks to WESTAF, Utah Division of Arts and Museums OnStage in Utah, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Bountiful Davis Arts Center, and Snow Country Limousine. Photography by M.J. Ayyampudur.

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