2019 Nonprofit Day on the Hill

Blog post by Mundi Project Board President, Christina Coonradt

Last week Mundi Executive Director Dr. Ruby Chou and I were proud to represent Mundi Project at the Utah State Capitol for the 11th Annual Nonprofit Day on the Hill. This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to advocate for our organization to our local legislators during Utah’s General Session of the Legislature. Along with other Utah nonprofits, we hosted an informational table for Mundi Project for the day. We networked with other nonprofit leaders and, most importantly, presented our mission to our elected officials.

Nonprofit organizations and elected officials enjoy a symbiotic relationship; nonprofits educate their legislators about the needs of the public they both serve, and legislators can create and support policies that help nonprofits thrive. Additionally, an elected official can be a champion of the mission of a nonprofit.

Utah Nonprofits Association– Nonprofit Day on the Hill, February 14,  2019

Recently Utah’s Governor Herbert proposed an additional $6 million in cultural funding, with nearly $3.2 million specifically for arts organizations. Mundi was thrilled to learn that our Senator and House Representatives were among the supporters of this proposal! This event was a wonderful opportunity for Mundi, the only arts organization present at Nonprofit Day on the Hill, to thank these legislators in person as well as discuss our goals and our impact on the community. Ruby is especially passionate about bringing intergenerational programming to our lineup, and we both made sure to mention this during our facetime with our available legislators! Senator Derek Kitchen praised the “bonding” effect of intergenerational music education.

Representative Angela Romero (Democrat- District 26) and Mundi Project Executive Director Dr. Ruby Chou… photobomb by Representative Brian King (Democrat- District 28)

Mundi benefits the community with every piano placed, every free group music class, every outreach event, and more. We are optimistic about continued arts support from our caring and engaged legislators and look forward to strengthening these important relationships. We believe music is the key!

-Christina Coonradt

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