Baby Grand for East High School

On September 14, Mundi Project staff paid a visit to East High School piano program to make some minor repairs to the damper pedal on their new piano placement and to see the advanced piano class in action. This summer we received the generous donation of a Suzuki Baby Grand, which now serves 176 students through the Youth Enrichment Foundation’s piano programs at East High. Students’ ethnic backgrounds are extremely diverse, and the majority of YEF’s piano students face significant social or economic challenges including low-income households, witnessing crime/use of drugs, ESL and learning/behavioral disabilities.

YEF has consistently grown and expanded over the years – just this year, East High doubled their piano program, adding a second room, which is why they were in need of a second good piano. Both East High and Glendale Middle School already have waiting lists of students who would like to be in the piano program next year.

Congrats to the Youth Enrichment Foundation and many thanks to the piano donor who’s generous donation has helped to support music education in our community! #pianobank #artsedweek

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